Sir Clem Renouf, the 1978-79 RI president who helped propel Rotary toward its goal of eradicating polio worldwide, has died at age 99. Is your favorite Rotary song not listed? Please click here → "Share a Rotary Song" to submit it to us, so we may add it to the song list. We also seek the expertise of Rotarian musicians who can volunteer to work with us to produce musical notes and downloadable mp3 versions of Rotary songs. Thank you.
Sing! Everyone Sing!

SING!……….Sing, ev’ryone singSing, ev’ryone singLet’s get togetherIn all kinds of weatherAnd sing, ev’ryone sing. SMILE!……….Smile, ev’ryone smileSmile, everyone smileAll of your troublesWill vanish like bubbles,So smile, ev’ryone smile. SERVE!……….Serve, ev’ryone serveServe, ev’ryone serveServing humanity,Rotary’s destiny,So serve, ev’ryone serve. CLAP!……….Clap ev’ryone clapClap ev’ryone clapClap is a symbolOf joy and happinessSo clap ev’ryone clap.

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