Sir Clem Renouf, the 1978-79 RI president who helped propel Rotary toward its goal of eradicating polio worldwide, has died at age 99. Is your favorite Rotary song not listed? Please click here → "Share a Rotary Song" to submit it to us, so we may add it to the song list. We also seek the expertise of Rotarian musicians who can volunteer to work with us to produce musical notes and downloadable mp3 versions of Rotary songs. Thank you.


Having carefully observed, studied and found out that there exits not a website that showcases a collection of Rotary Songs, Rotary Club of Ikeja South deemed it worthy to embark on the task to develop a real-time environment where Rotarians, clubs, districts and friends of Rotary around the globe can have an easy, smooth and free access to a sizeable array of Rotary songs. It is also an opportunity for them to learn new Rotary songs.

The striking value of this pertinent virtual project is that the URL address  contains the two most significant keywords, “Rotary” and “Songs” , as far as search for Rotary Songs is concerned on the world wide web; hence, www.rotarysongs.com. It is short and easy to remember and this substantiates the website address to be a premium domain name in the world of Rotary.

It does not matter if you mistakenly log on to rotarysong.org, it still automatically redirects you to rotarysongs.org. And in the same vein, a visit to rotarysong.com or rotarysongs.com still takes you to rotarysongs.org; just as the case withrotarysong.net and rotarysongs.net.

The website, www.rotarysongs.org also encourages other rotarians or Rotary clubs to submit and share their  club songs on the portal, after which their contribution will be acknowledged on the website.

It is interesting to make mention of the fact that  you effortlessly can search for a rotary song using the song title or by even mentioning some lines within the songs lyrics.

Above all, Rotary Club of Ikeja South, having been advised by a revered Past Rotary International President and a versatile past district governor, in a few months’ time, the second phase of the project will be implemented; that’s inclusion and embedment of musical note and downloadable audio mp3 version of each of the Rotary songs.

In lieu of this, we would like to solicit for the support and cooperation of Rotarian Musicians”, or any Rotarian who has a valuable knowledge on converting songs to musical notes and possibly to mp3 too.

It is hoped and believed that this project will be beneficial to all concerned; it is poised to be beneficial to all Rotary clubs the world over